Master of Science In Civil Engineering

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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 2 years

About this Program

The Programme aims at balancing the interdisciplinary nature of the field with current and future needs, thus ensuring the employment of its graduates, while creating students with technical competence, communication skills and global awareness to assume a leadership role in civil engineering. Hence the programme seeks to satisfy the demands for both the employer and students.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Objectives:

  • Enable postgraduate students undergo a programme of upgrading and updating their technical knowledge in a specialized field of civil engineering
  • Introduce the student to applied research relevant to industrial needs of the country
  • Produce post graduates with a qualification sufficient to meet the needs of staff development of local universities and technical colleges.

Eligibility:Applicants must possess a good first degree of at least lower second class in Civil Engineering. Applicants with a pass degree with proven academic growth since graduation may also apply. 


Year 1
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Advanced Structural Mechanics CIV 7107 3 Graduate Level
Advanced Structural Design CIV 7108 3 Graduate Level
Advanced Water Treatment CIV 7116 3 Graduate Level
Air and Noise Pollution CIV 7117 3 Graduate Level
Wastewater treatment and reuse CIV 7118 3 Graduate Level
Advanced Soil Mechanics CIV 7119 3 Graduate Level
Advanced Soil Mechanics CIV 7119 3 Graduate Level
Advanced Foundation Engineering CIV 7120 3 Graduate Level
Static and dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction CIV 7121 3 Graduate Level
Water Resources Management CIV 7113 3 Graduate Level
Advanced Surface Hydrology CIV 7114 3 Graduate Level
Statistical Analysis in Hydrology CIV 7124 3 Graduate Level
Highway Geometric Design CIV 7112 3 Graduate Level
Statistics and Research Methods RET 7105 3 Graduate Level
Transport Systems Analysis CIV 7122 3 Graduate Level
Principles of Management MEC 7101 3 Graduate Level
Airport Design CIV 7123 3 Graduate Level
Advanced Concrete Materials CIV 7115 3 Graduate Level
Semester 2
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Project Management MEC7203 3 Graduate Level
Slope Stability CIV 7267 3 Graduate Level
Structural Dynamics CIV 7232 3 Graduate Level
GIS System for Water Resources CIV 7267 3 Graduate Level
Stability of Structures CIV 7233 3 Graduate Level
Durability and Maintenance of Structures CIV 7236 3 Graduate Level
Finite Element Method CIV 7255 3 Graduate Level
Elasticity and Plasticity CIV 7256 3 Graduate Level
Advanced Computational Mechanics CIV 7257 3 Graduate Level
Analysis of Bridge Systems CIV 7258 3 Graduate Level
Theory of Plates and Shells CIV 7259 3 Graduate Level
Decentralised Water Supply and Sanitation CIV 7260 3 Graduate Level
Solid waste Management and Recycling CIV 7261 3 Graduate Level
Policy, Laws and Institutions in Environmental Management CIV 7263 3 Graduate Level
Policy, Laws and Institutions in Environmental Management CIV 7263 3 Graduate Level
Water Quality Management CIV 7264 4 Graduate Level
Ground Improvement CIV 7265 3 Graduate Level
Advanced Engineering Mathematics EMT 7201 3 Graduate Level
Laboratory and Field Soil Investigations CIV 7266 3 Graduate Level samba porno porno gratis x