Aquatic Tourism

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TOU 2106
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 1
Year of Study: 
Year 2
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Undergraduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 
  1. Understanding aquatic resources; the hydrological cycle and aquatic resource sustainability; precipitation, evapotranspiration, interception, soil water, ground water, runoff.
  2. Classification of rivers, lakes, estuaries and oceans.
  3. Characteristics of the various aquatic habitats e.g vertical and horizontal zonation on the shore line and in the water column. 
  4. Aquatic resources and tourism. Aquatic tourism possibilities and activities on the sea, the lakes, the coastal areas, the beach, the rivers, etc.
  5. Impact of aquatic tourism on the marine environment (e.g. pollution, pollution problems in freshwater bodies, estuaries, etc).
  6. Planning for, development and management of aquatic tourism facilities and services in Uganda (Challenges and possibilities). 
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