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Course Code: 
EHS 2207
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 2
Year of Study: 
Year 2
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Undergraduate Level
Course Discipline: 
Course Description & Objectives: 

The course describes the principles of food and nutrition security in the promotion of health and prevention of malnutrition disorders resulting from either deficient or over consumption of food in the community.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Classify various foods according to their nutritional value.
  2. Describe nutrition habits of the East African communities.
  3. Describe factors that may influence the nutritional status of the community.
  4. Explain problems and diseases related to poor nutrition.
  5. Identify nutritionally vulnerable groups in the community and their nutrient requirements.
  6. Demonstrate ability to initiate and manage community nutrition programmes
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