Mobile Networks and Computing

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Course Venue:

Lecture Theatre LLT 2A

CIT Block B
College of Computing and Information Sciences
Course Code: 
BIT 3207
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 2
Year of Study: 
Year 3
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Undergraduate Level
Course Discipline: 
Course Description & Objectives: 

 This course examines principles, design, implementation, and performance of mobile computing and wireless networking. The aim is to lay a foundation in the student's understanding and skills in mobile computing and wireless networking standards, technologies, application and services. Ideally the course is an integration of Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing. Subjects of study under Mobile Networking will include; Wireless Network technologies (including GSM/GPRS/3G & Wireless LANs), Convergence networks, NextGen, Mobile IP, wireless ATM, Wireless Ad Hoc Networks and Bluetooth. While subjects of discussion under Mobile Computing will include; Mobile Computing Architectures (including SMS/SIM, WAP, I-mode and J2ME/J2EE), mobile OS (e.g, Android) and Mobile Application Development  including location–based services.Aims:

  • To introduce students to the theory and practice of Mobile networking and computing.
  • To  facilitate  the  development  of  technical  skills  in  mobile  application  development platforms particularly J2ME and J2EE.
  • To  enhance  students  skills  in  mobile  application  development  using  Java  and  other technologies
  • To introduce students to the fundamental concepts in wireless technology and mobile computing including standards, technologies, devices and services
  • To use and experiment with new technology and cutting-edge projects
  • To understand how networking research is done
  • Investigate novel ideas in the area via semester-long skill development projects.
Learning Outcomes: 

On completion of this course, the students will:

  • Have gained an understanding of the theory and practical aspects of mobile computing and wireless networking.
  • discuss the considerations in wireless mobile networking architectures
  • to design and implement simple wireless and mobile networks using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi among others
  • work with  the J2ME and J2EE platforms with minimal difficulty
  • develop simple mobile applications deployable on Java enabled mobile devices
  • discuss the current research directions in mobile and wireless networking
  • Demonstrate mastery of development and deployment of secure mobile services.


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