Speech and language delay / disorder

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Course Code: 
SLT 2104
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 1
Year of Study: 
Year 2
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Undergraduate Level
Course Discipline: 
Course Description & Objectives: 


  • By the end of the course, students should have knowledge, attitudes and skills to enable them to diagnose, assess and manage clients with speech and language delay and disorder (congenital / acquired)


  • Causes of speech and language delay / disorder and methods of prevention
  • Making a differential diagnosis and prognosis
  • Assessment of communication skills
  • Theoretical principles and therapeutic
  • Designing and using suitable therapy materials
  • Working with families/carers
  • Attention and behaviour, Motivating and rewarding children
  • Psychological trauma and loss of desire to
  • Bilingualism and speech and language delay / disorder
  • Management plans including SMART objectives and long and short term goals


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