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Solid waste Management and Recycling

The course covers technological and non-technological aspects of solid waste

Decentralised Water Supply and Sanitation

The course provides theoretical background and practical expertise in the field of low-cost decentralised water supply and sanitation alternatives specifically suitable for the small towns, peri-urban areas and urban slums, small island communities, tourist resorts etc. The course begins with a general introduction to water supply and sanitation situations in rural areas, small towns and rural growth centres as well as peri-urban and urban slums.

Project Management

An overview of the theory and practice of

Site Management and Practice

Nature of construction projects. Effective and productive construction, the effect of technology. Site layout. Site documentation. Safety and health issues on site.   

Construction Business Management

The course in geared at taking the student through the

Contracts Law and Management

The course teaches the student Uganda and English legal systems, Contract law, law of tort, business law, construction contracts and labour law.   

Construction Marketing

Marketing for builders and developers in the Ugandan and East African environment with particular emphasis on the marketing mix – provide an overview of the seven marketing instruments of a professional services marketing mix.  The relationship between a marketing system and its environment, development of marketing, tactics and strategy, market segmentation and the buyer decision process.Listing, selling and the auction process.Market Research.  Practical implications of the characteristics of intangible products and the pricing, promotion, placement, physical evidence, process and people

Final Year Project I and II

Each student shall work on an individual selected research project, but approved by the department.  The project selected will constitute the final year dissertation.  In this phase the student is expected to develop a clear statement of the problem, the study objectives, prepare comprehensive literature review, develop a theoretical framework, and prepare the requisite research instruments.  Throughout the duration of the project, a supervisor appointed by the department will guide the student.

Analysis of Prices and Estimating

The course deals with detailed analysis showing the basis upon which prices of bills of quantities items are compiled.  The quantities, the economic consideration in unit rates including mechanical plant, labour, materials; sources of prices data; application of the principles to selected items in bills of quantities.  Estimating for trade items, analysis and synthesis of prorate items, estimating for preliminaries; estimating for more complex building and contractual situations; estimating for sub-contractors’ work and service installations, case studies of typical estimating operations of

Quantity Surveying IV

A detailed study of the sections of the Standard Method of Measurement; application of rules of standard method of measurement to measurement of multi-storied framed buildings, complex foundations, including basements concrete and steel framed structure, flat roofs and floor slabs, staircases, and balustrading; building services – including builders work in connection therewith:  external and site works, sites services installation drainage, car parks, estate roads, foot paths and fencing.  Introduction to standard method of measurement for civil engineering construction.  Studio exercises


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