Advanced Family Medicine and Community Practice

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FAM 8103
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Semester 1
Year of Study: 
Year 2
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Graduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 

This is a core course that must be passed by all the students.Objectives:·         Explain how the doctor-patient relationship and interpersonal skills are important for effective consultations, communication and treatment.·         Discuss the care of a patient in the context of their family and how the family can be a resource when seeking solutions to individual care problems.·         Describe whole person care and how consideration of the patient’s bio-psychosocial spiritual whole within the context of their family and community affects the patient’s overall health outcome.·         Identify cultural influences on health and disease and the patient’s understanding of their illness.·         Discuss the rational use of drugs and alternative forms of therapy.·         Describe the aspects of preventive care and how integration of preventive and curative care can help reduce the burden of disease to the person, family and community.·         Discuss aspects of practice management and the economics of practice in Uganda.·         Discuss palliative and terminal care issues in relation to the role of the family health practitioner and within the context of family and community.·         Explain how the family health practitioner can play a front line role in prevention, education and care management for persons afflicted with HIV/AIDS.·         Discuss the principles of management of chronic disease, risk factor management and care issues for geriatric patients and those with disabilities.·         Above all the student will demonstrate how morbidity and mortality can be reduced in the community.

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