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PSY 7211
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Semester 1
Year of Study: 
Year 2
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Graduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 

To teach the student the psychological basis of mental disorders encountered in psychiatry.  The course will teach various methods of psychological assessment, evaluations and management in psychiatric practice. 

  • Learning theory – classical, operant, observational and cognitive models.  Concepts of extinction and reinforcement.  Learning processes and aetiological formulation of clinical problems.  Clinical applications in behavioural treatment.  Psychology of punishment.
  • Visual and Auditory perception.  Perception as an active process.
  • Attention and information processing.  Applications to the study of schizophrenia.  Memory.  Process of forgetting.  Emotional factors and retrieval.  Distortion, inference, schemata and elaboration in relation to memory.  Memory disorders and their assessment.
  • Thought and language.  Deductive and inductive reasoning.  Problem-solving strategies.  Algorithms and heuristics.
  • Personality – derivation of nomothetic and ideographic theories.
  • Trait and state approaches.  Construct theory.  Principles underlying psychoanalytic and humanist approaches.  The interactionist approach.  Construction and use of inventories, rating scales, grids and Q-sort


Clinical Psychology
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