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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 3 years

About this Program

The purpose of the Postgraduate training programme in Psychiatry is to produce the needed human resource required to provide specialised mental health services to all Ugandans; to provide leadership in the planning, organisation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of mental health services to all communities in Uganda; to provide therapeutic services to persons who suffer from emotional, behavioural, psychological and social disorders; and to conduct research in mental health problems for the purpose of developing appropriate mental health services based on objective evidence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Goals And Objectives: The goal of postgraduate training in Psychiatry at Makerere University is to produce a competent psychiatrist who will: 

  • Provide clinical psychiatric and psychotherapeutic care to those who will present with both common, as well as, the more unfamiliar psychiatric disorders in Uganda.
  • Conduct and or supervise research in psychiatry and all mental health problems.
  • Assume a leadership role in the field of mental health.
  • Build capacity in mental health care.
  • Provide consultation services in mental health to other health institutions in the country

Eligibility:A good first degree in medicine or its equivalent and applicants must have completed the two year probation period and must have a good record and working experience preferably from an upcountry hospital. 


Year 1
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Liaison Psychiatry PSY 7121 5 Graduate Level
Clinical skills, Psychiatric Phenomenology and Psychiatric Emergencies PSY 7113 5 Graduate Level
Medical Sociology & Anthropology PSY 7112 5 Graduate Level
Advanced Neuro-physiology & Endocrinology and Psychopharmacology PSY 7122 5 Graduate Level
Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Research Methods PSY 7114 2 Graduate Level
Genetics of mental disorders; Advanced Neurobiochemistry and Neuropathology PSY 7123 4 Graduate Level
Semester 3 (Recess)
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Health Systems Management PSY 7133 4 Graduate Level
Clinical Neurology PSY 7132 3 Graduate Level
Neural Science & Neuro Imaging PSY 7131 3 Graduate Level
Year 2
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Clinical Psychology PSY 7211 5 Graduate Level
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry PSY 7213 5 Graduate Level
Psychological Therapies PSY 7212 5 Graduate Level
Semester 2
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Organic Psychiatry PSY 7222 5 Graduate Level
Old Age Psychiatry PSY 7221 5 Graduate Level
Alcohol & Substance Abuse PSY 7223 5 Graduate Level
Year 3
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Forensic Psychiatry, Ethics and Patient Rights PSY 7311 5 Graduate Level
Transcultural and Social Psychiatry PSY 7312 5 Graduate Level
Community Psychiatry and Service Delivery PSY 7313 5 Graduate Level
Semester 2
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Psychiatric Problems of Women and Child- bearing PSY 7321 5 Graduate Level
Major Clinical Psychiatric Syndromes PSY 7322 10 Graduate Level samba porno porno gratis x