Comparative Physiology & Histology

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ZOO 3103
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Semester 1
Year of Study: 
Year 3
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Undergraduate Level
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Phylogenic approach to the study of systems concerned with the integration of the invertebrate and vertebrate body functions in relation to environmental conditions.Introduction to animal physiology: body fluids and osmoregulation, respiration, respiration rate and rate of heat loss, circulation, digestion, nutrition, classification and analysis of foodstuff, absorption and metabolism of organic and inorganic nutrients, vitamins and trace elements, reproduction, thermoregulation. Muscle physiology, energy and intermediary metabolism. Contractile proteins, mechanism of ATP hydrolysis. The endocrine and nervous systems, neurosecretions, neurotransmission, sense organs.Introduction to histology and histological techniques. Approaches to comparative histology of tissues; the evolutionary approach and the histo - physiological approach. Comparative histology of tissues of animals (different taxonomic groups); sense organs’ tissues (skin, ear, eye, tongue, nose), central nervous system tissues (spinal cord, brain), reproductive system tissues (male reproductive system, female reproductive), support tissues (cartilage, bone, others), endocrine system tissues, the blood tissues, other tissues.

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