Introduction To Microbiology And Biotechnology

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ZOO 2205
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Semester 2
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Year 2
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Undergraduate Level
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History of microbiology and biotechnology. Types of microorganisms. General properties of microorganisms, impact of microorganisms on human affairs. Microbial techniques: sterilization, aseptic techniques culture and  culture media, monophasic, diphasic etc for isolating microorganisms from nature. Molecular aspects of protein synthesis.Viruses: Structure, function and classification. Viral reproduction, important viral pathogens.Public health microbiology: Waterborne, foodborne, environmental microbial diseases. Antimicrobial agents, antiseptics, microbial conservation.Applications of microbiology: in biotechnology, for example, food production, biogenetic engineering, bioremediation, crop and animal production energy generation.Biogeochemical cycles: Impact of microorganisms on carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, methane and phosphorus. Eutrophication, effect of human activities on natural cycles.Growth of microorganisms: Growth of autotrophs and heterotrophs. Growth in continuous and batch cultures. 

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