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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 3 Years

About this Program

Literature, regardless of the language, typically equips you to undertake a special study of literary texts. Generally literature studies encompass several genres and periods, early modern literature and literary theory, for example, with a range of optional modules that will allow you to study areas of literature that are of particular interest to you. Many programs also offer a joint honours degree e.g. literature and philosophy, literature and drama, literature and film studies, etc. The example shown below applies to a typical joint honours degree course in English Literature and Philosophy and of course does not represent ALL degree programs in literature. (The examples for Master’s and PhD programs also use typical English language programs)
.Applicants should have a good degree in literature as a single subject and in literature and another relevant subject such as English , language studies, linguistics, literature in other languages, history, religious studies, philosophy may also be considered for admission.


Year 1
Semester 2
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Caribbean Literature (course not currently active) LIT 7207 4 Graduate Level
Advanced Literary Theory LIT 7201 4 Graduate Level
Selected Author LIT 7202 4 Graduate Level
Ugandan Literature LIT 7203 4 Graduate Level
Theatre in the Twentieth Century LIT 7204 4 Graduate Level
Children's Literature (course not currently active) LIT 7205 4 Undergraduate Level
Literature and Human Rights LIT 7206 4 Undergraduate Level
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Research Methods LIT 7101 4 Graduate Level
Epic Poetry and Prose LIT 7102 4
African poetry and the contemporary experience LIT 7103 4 Graduate Level
The African Novel LIT 7104 4 Graduate Level
Theatre For Development LIT 7105 4 Graduate Level
Popular Literature LIT 7106 4 Undergraduate Level
Oral Literature LIT 7107 4 Graduate Level
American Literature LIT 7108 4 Undergraduate Level
Year 3
Semester 2
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Film/Cinema Project LIT 3210 4 Graduate Level
The Art of Communication Project LIT 3209 4 Graduate Level
Gender Issues in Literature and Media LIT 3208 4 Graduate Level samba porno porno gratis x