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Undergraduate or Graduate Level : Graduate Level
Duration of Program : 2 years

About this Program

. Currently, the relevant custodians of Uganda’s Wildlife: the Ministry of Trade, Tourism, Wildlife and  Antiquities and Uganda Wildlife Authority plus donor agencies have embarked on programmes to restore wild animal populations, ecosystem health and the tourism industry. These are very critical activities for the restoration of Uganda’s Wildlife Heritage and Tourism Industry.As the wild animal populations continues to dwindle, the human population growth has taken the reverse pattern of exponential growth  putting pressure on the natural resources in order to meet its growing needs. The excessive human exploitation has resulted in the disruption of the ecological systems bringing:

  1. about excessive stress on the habitats and the animals
  2. increased disease incidences among wild animals
  3. emerging zoonotic diseases involving animals
  4. accumulation of pollutants in the environment
  5. introduction and invasion of alien and exotic species to human and wildlife habitats.

This therefore calls for a double-pronged strategic approach to deal with these health related issues in both humans and wild animal populations. This is due to increased human –wildlife interactions leading to transmission of diseases between the two groups of animals. This is due to dwindling  habitats to wild animals which has led to a need to  intensively sustainably  manage wild animals like  in farms and ranches. Managing wild animals in  intensive form requires  acquiring proper skills for husbandry, handling, managing and  controlling diseases associated with such production systems. There is also a need to promote a professionals gap with  inter-disciplinary skills to  link the ecosystems, animals and diseases in agricultural-wildlife interfaces and wild animal production systems. This therefore makes this proposal for training wildlife health and management personnel unique and vital to address these issues spelt above.To achieve most management objectives, there is need to enhance the existing capacity of Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA and other stakeholders in wild animals like  veterinary extension staff,   animal handlers,  tourism sector, private sector, wildlife   managers, researchers  and ecologists.  From previous wildlife policy workshops, UWA gave the mandate for both research, training of the Wild Animal Health professionals and managers to Makerere University, School of Veterinary Medicine (see Appendix I). It was  against this background that a postgraduate Diploma in Wildlife Health and management in 1998 was developed which was upgraded to  a Master in Wildlife Health and Management in 2001.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Eligibility:Applicants should posses a good Bachelor's degree from a recognised university or institution in the following disciplines: veterinary medicine, zoology, forestry,Agriculture and any other natural science.  


Year 1
Semester 1
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Wildlife Health and Diseases I WHM 7102 3 Graduate Level
Research Methodology and Information WHM 7105 3 Graduate Level
Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Wildlife and Animal Resource Projects WHM 7104 2 Graduate Level
Wildlife Health and Diseases II - Epidemiology and Prevention of Wildlife Diseases WHM 7103 3 Graduate Level
Wildlife ecology, biology, behavior and animal resource utilisation concepts WHM 7106 5 Graduate Level
Semester 2
Course Title Course Code Credit Units Level
Guided field practicals WHM 7213 4 Graduate Level
Nutrition and Feeding Technology in Aquaculture WHM 7212 2 Graduate Level
Environmental Health in Aquaculture WHM 7211 2 Graduate Level
Aquaculture Production Systems and Technology WHM 7210 2 Graduate Level
Ecosystem Restoration WHM 7209 2 Graduate Level
Animal Resource Utilisation Systems WHM 7208 2 Graduate Level
Animal Resources Management WHM 7207 2 Graduate Level
Health Management Techniques of Wildlife Systems WHM 7206 2 Graduate Level
Environmental Health and Wildlife Production WHM 7205 2 Graduate Level
Wildlife Production Systems and Technology WHM 7204 2 Graduate Level
Extension and Community Conservation WHM 7205 3 Graduate Level
Principles of Management WHM 7202 2 Graduate Level
Data Analysis and Modelling WHM 7201 3 Graduate Level
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