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FST 3204
Course Credit Units: 
Semester 2
Year of Study: 
Year 3
Undergraduate or Graduate Level: 
Undergraduate Level
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Course Description & Objectives: 

The course discusses the microbiological and technological principles of industrial application of microorganisms and enzymes in food production and processing systems to provide useful products and services. Lectures cover basic properties, characteristics, structures and functions of living cells (microbial) and enzymes; metabolic pathways and how these are harnessed, manipulated and applied through natural selection, genetic engineering, optimized reactor and environmental designs and controls to increase productivity. Major fermented food product technologies are also discussed with specific references to alcoholic beverages, dairy products, biomass, solvents, organic acids, traditional fermented products and biodegradation of waste into biogas and other useful products. The practical component of the course will include pilot plant alcoholic fermentation (wine), sauerkraut and yoghurt processing.  A field trip to a commercial brewery will be arranged to enhance the learning experience.

Learning Outcomes: 

General Objective:To furnish a student with knowledge and understanding of the basic biological and chemical processes of living cells and enzymes and how these are harnessed into industrial processes and technologies for the production, processing and preservation of food and related products          Specific Objectives

  1. Appreciate the positive role and benefits of microorganisms and enzymes in food production, processing, and preservation.  
  2. Understand basic biological and chemical processes of living cells, enzymes, and microbial nutrition in relation to fermentation processes 
  3. Understand principles of inoculum /starter culture development for industrial fermentations and fermentor /reactor design, control and operation
  4. Understand both upstream and downstream unit operations and technologies used for substrate preparation and recovery and purification of fermentation products
  5. Know and flowchart unit operations in the processing and production a number of fermented products such as wine, beer, cheese, yoghurt and others with examples available in Uganda.
  6. Know about effluent treatment and conversion of food and agricultural waste
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